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Innotour USA by EYIF

Hi There,

I has been a long time since my last post, not that I havent been in the route to innovation, by the contrary, I have been in the center of Innovation, in Europe, at least 🙂

I would like to talk about my lattest project with EYIF -European Young Innovators Forum, Innotour USA competiton, not only because I am so proud of the work we did but also because it is an excelent program with a deep purpose that goes beyond a trip to USA.

“Innotour USA
The purpose of Innotour USA is to enable a delegation of ten European young innovators to embark on a ten-day mission to the United States.”


“The United States has given birth to many of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and innovative companies. So how and what can European young innovators learn from major American innovation hubs on doing Innovation the American way and also interacting with top entrepreneurs and experts to learn and be inspired to change mindsets, aiming to bridge the innovation gap? Equally they should be able identify and analyse the differences in the way Innovation works in the US and the EU and be inspired to improve the innovation ecosystems in Europe.”

I couldnt say it better!

Where to?

“Starting from Washington DC, the delegation is expected to visit major American hubs of innovation, interact face-to-face with top innovation practitioners and experts, experiencing first-hand best, practices of turning innovative ideas into successful projects and businesses.”

“More than just a study tour, Innotour USA is a cultural exchange that will have a broad and lasting impact, building bridges between Europe and the U.S. on a common quest for innovation and development. The tour is not restricted to the immediate delegation, as the experience of the participants, serving as good will ambassadors from Europe, will be relayed throughout the trip using live videoblogs and social media posts, tweets and videos on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube creating a wide scope for impact within communities of young Europeans across the continent”

More info:

We have received hundreds of applications but only a few of them made it to the short list, and for hours, the EYIF team has debated and discussed the winners.

We are taking aboard 7 young, bright and inspiring entrepreneurs that breath innovation, that left their confort zone … the Innotour USA Delegation is made of different European citizenships:









Congratulations to them! May all young european be like that and Europe would get back on its feet again!