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Social Media is indeed a world that has always fascinated me.

In the earlyes 2000 I created my first blog in a very limited blogger hosting service provided by Portuguese leading internet services Sapo, created by a group of college kids growing into the best of the best Portuguese internet company. Here is the main page and its so much more than this nowadays.

At the time I was taking my first risk of a series of other reckless decisions I had came to take in the following years, and I enrolled in a Multimedia Design vocational course. When I first told my professors I had a blog they didn’t even know what it was, and it kind of destroyed the idea I had of them, of being innovators out ot the box technological and internet gurus. So, I taught them all about blogging (or what I thought it was blogging).

At first I used my blogger to post my multimedia work, mainly Photoshop experiences, which I came to find out later on that other people were using it to profit out of my work and I couldn’t do anything about it (my first contact with copyrights lack of laws in the Internet).

After that blogger experience I created a couple of other blogs, my last one was a huge success on the internet I had up to 10.000 page views per day. However, and despite all this success  I shut it down some years ago to devout myself to other social media as Facebook.

Since part of my work is made in Social Media I have this huge previlege of spending my work hours surfing in twitter, facebook, LinkedIn as reading and learning how to improve the engagement with clients and potential clients in social media tools.

enough about me, courtesy of  Social Media Citizens, here some interesting statistics about Social Media 🙂

  1. 3 out of 5 Facebook users access the site more than once per day and the younger the user, the more they log on
  2. Men are more likely to use Twitter or YouTube
  3. Women are more likely to go on Facebook multiple times per day
  4. Some of the most staggering growth has been in in the 55 plus market. Over 40% of 55+ social networkers have been registered on the sites for less than two years
  5. 28% of Facebook users are over 55.
  6. Men and young people are more likely to be influenced by what they read on social media and are more likely to engage by commenting and interacting.
  7. Of the market of 18-24 year olds, 62% interact through comments and such.
  8. Of the market of 55+ users, only 32% interact through comments and such.

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