Is Leadership overrated?

I confess… I skipped all the Leadership practical classes, read the books though!

I read so many different books, as “The art of war” some from John C. Maxxwell, One Minute Manager, Jo Owen,  I even skimmed through Donald Trump’s lessons in how to be a leader and create an empire.

But somehow I just can’t put all that theory into action.

Imagine my surprise, when just as I was starting to feel bad about my leadership skills haven’t properly developed in the way I expected, this TED Speaker come up with an all different theory about Leadership and creating a movement (Actually it was posted in 2010, but its still new for me)

Turns out that the one cant be a leader without the first follower. Its such a simple and basic theory… so acurate…

Despite having all the characteristics pointed out by world best  scientists, anthropologists, sociologists as the DNA of a Leader  such as strong personality, good communication skills, remarkable charisma and so and so (again, I was never good at Leadership studies) one can only can be a Leader with followers.  I know, I am quite shocked myself.

What the video suggests is that the true leader is in fact the first follower that shows other how to follow, that says

“hey, this is so cool, you should try it!”


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