Why is it so hard to find a qualified job in Portugal, nowadays?

So, the interview didn’t go quite as I excepted.
I felt speechless and blank when asked about the reasons the new grads have such a hard time to find a job, why are so many qualified Portuguese youngsters, like myself looking for jobs abroad…
I don’t have a polite and accurate reply for these questions.
Could I blame the government? Could I blame the European Union? What about MIF?
These are the current institutions that Portuguese seem use to justify our current situation. However, we can dig even deeper, ok, the unemployment and the crisis was born in USA, Lehman Brothers, the subprime, and so and so, there we go, I found something rather than our previous government to blame.
But I would be cynical if I say that I really believe people like Murdoch are the reason that I can’t find a job, that I am being underpaid, so I admit, I partially agree with this USA subprime/Murdoch/bubble explanation in the way that it only brought to the surface a structural European problem.
For the record, I am not a European Affairs expert, but I consider myself as a well educated and informed professional.
I don’t know up to what extension Portugal should or shouldn’t be a part of the EU, but I do know about Portuguese culture in what comes to education, work and productivity.
Portugal lived long under the “waiting for salvation” spirit; we grew up expecting some kind of hero to came and save us all from whatever. We live with “saudadosismo” of our great empires. Yes, we discovered half the world, we were bold and adventurous…. 500 years ago, and for the last 500years we have been stuck in the past of how great we were.
Portuguese were not educated to question, to think by them self, to develop their own ideas… people like my parents, who lived poorly in small poor villages in the interior of Portugal were raised under the belief that things like Education and aiming better life conditions could only be for the rich and wealthy with government connections (very similar to the current status quo, as a matter of fact) . For a long time, Portuguese were thought to accept their own Fado – fate. Nowadays, that generation and must admit, also my generation keeps on waiting for easy money, like winning the lottery or the accomplishment of communism ideals in order to achieve a better life…

To be continued…


About Paula Cristina

Innovation junkie. Marketing, Social Media, technology and gadgets enthusiastic. Currently Freelancing in Marketing Strategy and Digital Contents. Coordinator for Partnership and Projects at European Young Innovators Forum (www.eyif.eu)

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