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Innotour USA by EYIF

Hi There,

I has been a long time since my last post, not that I havent been in the route to innovation, by the contrary, I have been in the center of Innovation, in Europe, at least 🙂

I would like to talk about my lattest project with EYIF -European Young Innovators Forum, Innotour USA competiton, not only because I am so proud of the work we did but also because it is an excelent program with a deep purpose that goes beyond a trip to USA.

“Innotour USA
The purpose of Innotour USA is to enable a delegation of ten European young innovators to embark on a ten-day mission to the United States.”


“The United States has given birth to many of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and innovative companies. So how and what can European young innovators learn from major American innovation hubs on doing Innovation the American way and also interacting with top entrepreneurs and experts to learn and be inspired to change mindsets, aiming to bridge the innovation gap? Equally they should be able identify and analyse the differences in the way Innovation works in the US and the EU and be inspired to improve the innovation ecosystems in Europe.”

I couldnt say it better!

Where to?

“Starting from Washington DC, the delegation is expected to visit major American hubs of innovation, interact face-to-face with top innovation practitioners and experts, experiencing first-hand best, practices of turning innovative ideas into successful projects and businesses.”

“More than just a study tour, Innotour USA is a cultural exchange that will have a broad and lasting impact, building bridges between Europe and the U.S. on a common quest for innovation and development. The tour is not restricted to the immediate delegation, as the experience of the participants, serving as good will ambassadors from Europe, will be relayed throughout the trip using live videoblogs and social media posts, tweets and videos on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube creating a wide scope for impact within communities of young Europeans across the continent”

More info:

We have received hundreds of applications but only a few of them made it to the short list, and for hours, the EYIF team has debated and discussed the winners.

We are taking aboard 7 young, bright and inspiring entrepreneurs that breath innovation, that left their confort zone … the Innotour USA Delegation is made of different European citizenships:









Congratulations to them! May all young european be like that and Europe would get back on its feet again!


Social Media Statistics

Social Media is indeed a world that has always fascinated me.

In the earlyes 2000 I created my first blog in a very limited blogger hosting service provided by Portuguese leading internet services Sapo, created by a group of college kids growing into the best of the best Portuguese internet company. Here is the main page and its so much more than this nowadays.

At the time I was taking my first risk of a series of other reckless decisions I had came to take in the following years, and I enrolled in a Multimedia Design vocational course. When I first told my professors I had a blog they didn’t even know what it was, and it kind of destroyed the idea I had of them, of being innovators out ot the box technological and internet gurus. So, I taught them all about blogging (or what I thought it was blogging).

At first I used my blogger to post my multimedia work, mainly Photoshop experiences, which I came to find out later on that other people were using it to profit out of my work and I couldn’t do anything about it (my first contact with copyrights lack of laws in the Internet).

After that blogger experience I created a couple of other blogs, my last one was a huge success on the internet I had up to 10.000 page views per day. However, and despite all this success  I shut it down some years ago to devout myself to other social media as Facebook.

Since part of my work is made in Social Media I have this huge previlege of spending my work hours surfing in twitter, facebook, LinkedIn as reading and learning how to improve the engagement with clients and potential clients in social media tools.

enough about me, courtesy of  Social Media Citizens, here some interesting statistics about Social Media 🙂

  1. 3 out of 5 Facebook users access the site more than once per day and the younger the user, the more they log on
  2. Men are more likely to use Twitter or YouTube
  3. Women are more likely to go on Facebook multiple times per day
  4. Some of the most staggering growth has been in in the 55 plus market. Over 40% of 55+ social networkers have been registered on the sites for less than two years
  5. 28% of Facebook users are over 55.
  6. Men and young people are more likely to be influenced by what they read on social media and are more likely to engage by commenting and interacting.
  7. Of the market of 18-24 year olds, 62% interact through comments and such.
  8. Of the market of 55+ users, only 32% interact through comments and such.

Leadership – the new paradigm

I just read this article at Nilofer blog:

“Leaders are not what many people think–people with huge crowds following them. Leaders are people who go their own way without caring, or even looking to see whether anyone is following them. “Leadership qualities” are not the qualities that enable people to attract followers, but those that enable them to do without them. The include, at the very least, courage, endurance, patience, humor, flexibility, resourcefulness, determination, a keen sense of reality, and the ability to keep a cool and clear head even when things are going badly. This is the opposite of the “charisma” that we hear so much about.”

In a post by Caterine Fake, the Internet Entrepreneur behind Flickr and Etsy, on ‘make things’. It made the rounds, and could very well be a rallying cry to all entrepreneurs to focus on creating things that matter, rather than valuations and terms sheets and exit strategies. Let us hope.”

Nevertheless I had always been the adventurous taking risks, trying new things, aiming new life experiences, dreaming higher, going further than most of my friends I am currently described as a strong independent ambitious gal but never as a leader… this article has made thing about it…

Are we facing a new Leadership paradigm? In a time where nothing is certain anymore what is leadership?


Is Leadership overrated?

I confess… I skipped all the Leadership practical classes, read the books though!

I read so many different books, as “The art of war” some from John C. Maxxwell, One Minute Manager, Jo Owen,  I even skimmed through Donald Trump’s lessons in how to be a leader and create an empire.

But somehow I just can’t put all that theory into action.

Imagine my surprise, when just as I was starting to feel bad about my leadership skills haven’t properly developed in the way I expected, this TED Speaker come up with an all different theory about Leadership and creating a movement (Actually it was posted in 2010, but its still new for me)

Turns out that the one cant be a leader without the first follower. Its such a simple and basic theory… so acurate…

Despite having all the characteristics pointed out by world best  scientists, anthropologists, sociologists as the DNA of a Leader  such as strong personality, good communication skills, remarkable charisma and so and so (again, I was never good at Leadership studies) one can only can be a Leader with followers.  I know, I am quite shocked myself.

What the video suggests is that the true leader is in fact the first follower that shows other how to follow, that says

“hey, this is so cool, you should try it!”

“Are you an Innovaton Evangelist?” by Leigh Down

I’ve recently found this article thought it would be great to share it here:

“I think the word “innovation” is grossly over used these days. I know people who are enthusiastic, committed and passionate but that doesn’t necessarily = innovative.

Recently, Wired’s Mark McClusky wrote a piece about the former CTO of Microsoft, Nathan Myhrvold. I loved this article. Myhrvold left Microsoft and founded his own company, Intellectual Ventures, with a focus on solving some of today’s biggest science and technology problems. The company’s business is to make money from ideas, not the products created from the ideas, and thus create a market for intellectual property. The beauty of this article is the insight into the mind of a true innovator, and points out how an innovator’s mind works completely differently than most.

For instance, Myhrvold didn’t think it would be weird to publish a six volume, 2,400 page cookbook with 1,600 recipes, weighs 50 pounds and costs $625. Every foodie will run right out and buy that right? Why would a technology guy put his company focus on that project? Simple. He loves to cook and realized there was no comprehensive encyclopedia of food science and technology. His book incorporates principles of math, physics and chemistry applied to cooking as well as applications of photography, history and computing modeling.

Like most incredible innovators, he is able to connect science + art + engineering + design to deliver something uniquely unique. Wired declares him to be in the pursuit of ideas with “magnificent obsession”. I love that phrase – magnificent obsession. Have you ever pursued anything with such diligence and tenacity? Try it, it feels great and you just may surprise yourself at what your team can accomplish.

Unfortunately, most IT departments don’t innovate. They adopt or lag due to cost and risk aversion. It is unfortunate because often taking a technology risk can allow you to leapfrog your competition rather than baby step to mediocrity. Think you are an innovator? Ask yourself these questions:

Do you work from the gut? Do you work intuitively?
Do you surround yourself with people who press on your ideas?
Do you literally dream about ideas?
Can you create a vision as well as an experience?
Do you keep close tabs on the cutting edge of technology?
Do you crave the products you evangelize?
Can you sell the business case for the product?
Do you rigorously negotiate for support of your idea?
Can you capitalize on opportunity?
Are you persistent, charismatic, consistent with your message?
Do you remain open to all potential sources of ideas inside or outside the company?
Do you give every idea that can improve the product consideration?
Do you enjoy challenging people’s existing order? Do you like disruption?

True innovators are often people who are inquisitive about multiple practices, often renaissance people. Most technology people are adopters not innovators. Are you an innovation evangelist or an adopter? Which is your company?

P.S. I bet you thought this post was going to be about Steve Jobs”
By: Leigh Down,

Why is it so hard to find a qualified job in Portugal, nowadays?

So, the interview didn’t go quite as I excepted.
I felt speechless and blank when asked about the reasons the new grads have such a hard time to find a job, why are so many qualified Portuguese youngsters, like myself looking for jobs abroad…
I don’t have a polite and accurate reply for these questions.
Could I blame the government? Could I blame the European Union? What about MIF?
These are the current institutions that Portuguese seem use to justify our current situation. However, we can dig even deeper, ok, the unemployment and the crisis was born in USA, Lehman Brothers, the subprime, and so and so, there we go, I found something rather than our previous government to blame.
But I would be cynical if I say that I really believe people like Murdoch are the reason that I can’t find a job, that I am being underpaid, so I admit, I partially agree with this USA subprime/Murdoch/bubble explanation in the way that it only brought to the surface a structural European problem.
For the record, I am not a European Affairs expert, but I consider myself as a well educated and informed professional.
I don’t know up to what extension Portugal should or shouldn’t be a part of the EU, but I do know about Portuguese culture in what comes to education, work and productivity.
Portugal lived long under the “waiting for salvation” spirit; we grew up expecting some kind of hero to came and save us all from whatever. We live with “saudadosismo” of our great empires. Yes, we discovered half the world, we were bold and adventurous…. 500 years ago, and for the last 500years we have been stuck in the past of how great we were.
Portuguese were not educated to question, to think by them self, to develop their own ideas… people like my parents, who lived poorly in small poor villages in the interior of Portugal were raised under the belief that things like Education and aiming better life conditions could only be for the rich and wealthy with government connections (very similar to the current status quo, as a matter of fact) . For a long time, Portuguese were thought to accept their own Fado – fate. Nowadays, that generation and must admit, also my generation keeps on waiting for easy money, like winning the lottery or the accomplishment of communism ideals in order to achieve a better life…

To be continued…

EYIF and ME!

I am so happy today!

I am now a proud member of EYIF and for the next months I will be searching whats hot in innovation, helping with the launch of a new projects, an European level platform who’s aim is to empower young innovators and creating a partnership networking with some major companies.

I am also having a small chat with one of the best Wall Street Journal Journalists, Riva Froymovich where we should talk about my personal experience, how are we the Portuguese facing unemployment, my relationship with innovation and my motivation to be a part of EYIF as a Volunteer based in Portugal being a part of the Organization Team.

Looking forward and a bit nervous, must admit!

As lições de Inovação de Steve Jobs

Nada melhor para iniciar um blog sobre inovação do que partilhar esta notícia.

Toda a imagem do Steve Jobs é estudada por milhares de pessoas em todo o mundo, analisada, discutida.

No fundo, a mensagem que ele lançou não é novidade, inúmeras outras pessoas, anónimas e conhecidas já o disseram em várias ocasiões “Think different”.

Sim, não há inovação sem uma mudança de pensamento.

Deixo ainda uma outra peça sobre inovação:

Explorando as origens da Inovação

” a soma anual que esses consumidores britânicos gastam fazendo modificações ou melhorando produtos existente é 2,3 vezes maior do que a soma dos gastos anuais de P&D de todas as empresas do Reino Unido”

77% das inovações relacionadas com instrumentos científicos vêm de usuários”

O poder da inovação vem dos utilizadores, não das empresas, não dos head of innovation.

Enquanto utilizadores, estamo-nos a tornar no asset mais valioso do processo de inovação!


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